Why focus on business acumen?

Enhanced business acumen skills accomplish four things for the employee/business.

  1. It allows you to more effectively leverage profit drivers and plug profit leaks.
  2. It engages employees to take immediate action to improve results.
  3. It enables you to better compete in an increasingly competitive world.
  4. It aligns employee actions with senior management goals and shareholder needs.

What’s my return on investment?

Although returns vary by organization and dependent on the focus of the applications exercise some of the more common themes include one or more of the following:

  1. Improved margins
  2. Managing assets more effectively
  3. Reduced expenses and cost of goods sold

How long does it take to see results?

Because we focus on daily decisions most employees can literally apply the skills starting the next day. No project teams or budget dollars are required and we don’t add anything to their ‘To Do’ list. We’ve even seen a few employees find 1% before we even finished facilitating the program and we’ve seen examples of overall 1% margin improvements within 90 days. As a senior manager we only ask that you keep the message alive by periodically asking people how they’re doing at finding 1%.

How do you make the content relevant to my business?

First we select the simulation that most closely resembles your business (sometimes we customize the simulation). Next we make connections to your business as we facilitate the simulation. Most important though is the applications exercise. This is a fully customized module using information from your business and aligned to your goals and objectives. As an outcome we identify simple improvement items that have a high probability of success and financial impact.

What’s unique about your business simulations?

Some of the characteristics that make our business training simulations unique include:

  1. Experiential – research shows adults learn best through experience.
  2. No fixed outcomes – participants can experiment with multiple strategies. Many simulations have a limited choice of decisions and often predictable outcomes.
  3. Focus on daily decisions – makes the content immediately relevant
  4. Focus on next steps that can be immediately implemented

Select the simulation best suited to your industry

Business & Distribution

This is our most popular simulation and is ideally suited to wholesale or retail type distribution businesses.

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This business training simulation is based on the realities found in labor intensive service organizations where people truly are your most important asset.

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The manufacturing model is very similar to the Business/Distribution model but adds other dimensions such as raw material, work in process and production.

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Technical Operations

This is our most specialized business training simulation and is ideally suited to capital intensive service organizations like airlines, railways and utilities.

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