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Murray Lyons is co-author of ‘The 1% Difference’ book and creator of the Profit Adventure™ business simulations. Ten years ago a client approached Murray and his partners to see if there was a way to help employees discover in an experiential way the difference their daily decisions made to profitability.

After an extensive search no solutions were found and so he and his partners began a lengthy process of developing and testing an experiential solution which eventually became known as Profit Adventure™ That proved to be a pivotal turning point as 10,000 -15,000 employees have now participated in that program. This subsequently led to numerous speaking engagements at conferences and the writing a book called ‘The 1% Difference’.

Clients of all sizes from family run companies to large international corporations have hired Murray and his partners to help move forward. His desire is to simplify, focus and help employees discover for themselves how their decisions make a difference.

Prior to his focus on developing business acumen skills Murray spent the majority of his career in sales and then in the areas of leadership and organizational development.