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Profit Adventureā„¢ is a division of Lyons & Associates. We specialize in business training simulations that enhance profitability and increase the economic value of the organization for shareholders. Our simulations and application tools are highly interactive and designed to achieve positive results in the near term. We understand your employees make decisions everyday which are ultimately reflected within your financials. Our business training simulations educate employees about the financial impact of their actions providing them with the tools to make better decisions.

While we work hard to design some of the best business simulations available we still feel the applications exercise is the most important module. This is a fully customized module using your information to make the learning relevant and clearly show how the day-to-day decisions people make are impacting your financials. Our goal is to identify improvement opportunities that have a high probability of success and financial impact. Because we focus on day-to-day decisions there is no need for you to identify implementation teams and allocate budget dollars. Often participants are able to start making immediate improvements that result in increased profit.