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Do you have a conference or meeting and need an energizing keynote presentation! We often deliver “The 1% Difference” as a keynote (customized for the target audience) at conferences and company meetings. This message is modeled after the module in our Profit Adventure simulation by the same name and our book (also by the same name). The focus of the presentation is on how the daily decisions of your employees impact the profit drivers in your business (and sometimes your customers).

Clients find ‘The 1% Difference’ to be a great fit because it’s:

  • Easy to understand
  • Has a strong business message
  • Speaks directly to how employees can impact profits
  • Can be applied immediately

If you want to go beyond ‘The 1% Difference’ and really maximize audience engagement consider a scaled down version of our Profit Adventure business training simulation (requires 3-4 hours).

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