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At Lyons & Associates our goal is to develop business acumen skills that will ultimately result in greater profit for your organization. An efficient approach would have simply involved creating a PowerPoint™ presentation. However, only 5% of adults learn best this way and our goal is to maximize your results. Therefore, we needed to develop business acumen skills in a way that maximized learning and transfer of skills to the job. Since adults learn best through experience it was only natural to create an experiential learning environment. After two years of development we feel we’ve created some of the best business simulations which we call Profit Adventure.

Our Profit Adventure business training simulations consist of three modules. The first module is the simulation. The second module is a short presentation called ‘The 1% Difference’ which clearly shows the multiplier effect of daily decisions on the bottom line. We use 1% because most employees feel this is very doable.

“The 1% Difference” shows how a mere one percent improvement in key variables can have a huge impact on profitability in a very short period of time. You don’t have to make significant investments or wait years for the result. You don’t have to create teams and initiate projects nor do you have to add any work to your current workload. You can make a difference today and start to see the results by month end!

The final module (applications exercise) is the most important and is completely customized to your business and aligned to your goals. It’s here that we show the impact of daily decisions on your profits and identify how employees can help improve your profits through simple actions that can be implemented immediately.

Although we have four different business training simulations they share many common elements which include:

  • Participants become the owners/managers of the simulated business and have three years to achieve shareholders expectations
  • All simulations are dynamic and have no predetermined outcomes. Participants experience the risk reward outcomes of various types of decisions and strategies
  • Each simulation has a deck of “Decision” cards which reflect the realities found in your marketplace (both positive and negative)
  • Participants complete an income statement and calculate key ratios at the end of each year and then we compare the results and strategies of each team to the objectives
  • Participants learn critical financial and business acumen skills in a non-threatening, fun and highly engaging manner.
  • The impact of 1% changes
  • The applications exercise

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