The manufacturing model is very similar to the Business/Distribution model but adds other dimensions such as raw material, work in process and production.   Some of the key variables participants experience while running this manufacturing company include:

  • Managing inventory levels, turns and associated costs (includes managing raw material, work in process and finished goods)
  • Balancing production and sales and the financial implications when production and sales don’t work well as a team
  • Optimizing assets and maintaining a high level of production efficiency
  • Managing cash flow, receivables and payables
  • Learning the sensitivity to net income of key profit drivers such as selling price, margin, volume, productivity, expense and asset management
  • Learning key measures such as return on sales, inventory turnover and cost per unit
  • Identifying how they impact these variables in the real world and how they can positively influence the profit drivers in your business

Target Audience

  • Employees in sales and marketing
  • Employees in production and purchasing
  • Supervisors, managers and other employees who impact profitability

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