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The Secrets of ‘The 1% Difference’ DVD is an exciting new addition to our services. In the past we’ve always worked onsite with our clients and now for the first time you can experience firsthand many of the tips and techniques we share with our clients.  You can benefit from those tips and strategies without having to wait to attend a workshop.  This DVD delivers practical strategies and tactics you can implement with low cost to your business that when properly implemented will have immediate impact on your financial results. The DVD also takes the principles found in our book several steps further.

As we work through the various modules of ‘The 1% Difference’ we’ll walk you through specific examples of what our clients have done to achieve results. It’s important to note that it’s not necessary and sometimes not possible to achieve one percent gains in all the areas we cover. However, we stress that clients focus on those areas that have a high financial impact and high probability of success.

We’ve asked thousands of employees over the years if improving 1% is doable and the overwhelming answer is ‘yes’. I suspect your employees would also answer ‘yes’.

‘The 1% Difference’ difference principles work because:

  • They’re simple
  • They’re easy to understand
  • They don’t require a financial investment on your part
  • They don’t take employees away from the job because we focus on the decisions they are already making
  • You can see results in the near term vs. long term

The DVD program consists of the following four modules:

  • Pricing
  • Volume
  • Employee engagement
  • Quick start guide

Call us today at 604 541 8885 to get your copy of ‘The 1% Difference’ DVD for only $197 + $10 shipping.